• Banivanua Mar, T., Decolonisation and the Pacific: Indigenous globalisation and the Ends of Empire, (Cambridge: Cambridge 2016) - Chapters 2, 5 and 6 contain research from Land and Colonial Cultures.

Journal Articles

  • Banivanua Mar, T., ‘Shadowing Imperial Networks: Indigenous mobility and Australia’s Pacific Past’, Australian Historical Review 44:3 (2015): 340-355.
  • Banivanua Mar, T., ‘Imperial literacy and indigenous rights: Tracing transoceanic circuits of a modern discourse, Aboriginal History, 37, (2013): 1-28.

Book Chapters

  • Banivanua Mar, T., 'Settler-Colonial Landscapes and Narratives of Possession', in Patrick Wolfe, ed., The Settler Complex: Recuperating Binarism in Colonial Studies, (Los Angeles, CA: UCLA American Indians Studies Center, 2016), 25-42.

Edited Collections